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Genesis of a Historical Novel

Thursday, May 05, 2005

a lower-intensity day

Kimmie was so sore this morning she could barely move. I helped prop her up on her pillows, brought her coffee up, and phoned her bosses to say she wouldn't be in to work.

With Kimmie home, it's been a more loosey-goosey workday for me. It's also gorgeous and sunny.

I managed to do some more "sketching" of Nile Valley villages during my notes session. During the writing session I returned to preparing notes for the next leg of chapter 15, which I will relabel chapter 15-16, since I've decided to amalgamate them. It's where Alexander finds he must suddenly give an account of himself and why he's got this astronomical text, with decisive consequences for his future. Here I start delving into some issues leading to the origin of the Julian calendar. It's important symbolically, politically, and storywise.

I started to list conversation ideas in bullet form in my "16 - Notes" document. I found that I wanted to know more about the Zodiac of Dendera (a famous depiction of the zodiac on the roof of the temple of Hathor near the modern Egyptian town of Dendera). Having only a couple of notes on it from my reading sources, I checked some web pages I'd saved, and searched for new ones. I created a new Encyclopedia document on it and pasted the material in.

In short, I'm back at the process of trying to build a critical mass of knowledge to launch me into my next scene. I wrote no new pages of chapter prose today.

But I did take Kimmie up to the chiropractor, and out for a stroll at a waterfront park. I also got a visit from my friend Russ, who's in the process of emigrating to Seattle to marry an American woman. I'd sent him the link to this blog and he said he read the whole thing, and enjoyed it. He said that he's part of my target market, since he likes historical fiction about the ancient world. One of his favorite authors: Wilbur Smith. Maybe I should check him out.


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