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Genesis of a Historical Novel

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

solstitial shopping

Kimmie still struggles under her cold (is right now resting on our leather sofa in front of the fire upstairs). We were both up early, before 6:00. I came down to work on my project but found I had enough motivation only to do some note-keying (Beyond the Essene Hypothesis, Identity) before heading out Christmas shopping with ace shopper Robin. Couldn't quite make myself open up the chapter and try to lure in some more creative ideas.

The shopping went well. It was tiring for me, mainly because of the geographic distance covered (had to drive out to Surrey in the warm, pounding rain to pick up my main present for Kimmie). It was nice having her with me: calm, knowledgeable, fun. Not just the solo middle-aged man floating like a lost soul through the Boschesque galleries of the suburban mall...

Now I will rejoin Kimmie at the fireside. Might as well enjoy that expensive firewood--who knows when they might outlaw wood fireplaces? Everything changes.

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