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Genesis of a Historical Novel

Thursday, October 19, 2006


Another day devoted more to copywriting-related chores than to my book. There was the patter of rain in the dark when I removed my earplugs after the alarm.

It's been a quiet day. Mom phoned before lunch; we talked about the visit of two of her sisters early this week (now returned to Ontario). Kim and I had an excellent time on both our visits out there, Sunday and Monday. For me it was an unusual feeling: being among family. Usually I'm not, except for visiting Mom and her sister Jackie, and occasionally seeing my own sisters and father. My aunts--short, rather dark-complexioned women, smokers, and with the earthy intelligence and barbed sense of comedy that characterizes my mother's large clan of origin--were delighted with their sister's new house in Cove Cliff, and I think also happy to see me and Kim again after 12 years (we had popped up to visit them while I was in Toronto to attend the Geminis award ceremony as a nominee). The four sisters together were almost a complete set--only my youngest aunt Jan was absent (there are a large number of uncles as well).

Except for the roar and honking of aggressive traffic on the street outside, the house is quiet. I'm reminded of other times in my life when I spent a lot of time alone, reading, writing, fixing myself basic meals in a space so quiet I could hear the faint high singing in my ears. Soon I'm engaged to pick Kimmie up from work to chauffeur her to a hair appointment. Then, for me, it's reading-time.

Yes: quiet.

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