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Genesis of a Historical Novel

Sunday, May 08, 2005

just-in-time delivery

Over morning coffee: keying from Book 3 of Aristotle's Politics. I felt that something valuable had been delivered into my hands. I felt that I'd been guided to it.

How? About 3 days ago, when I was working on notes for chapter 15-16, I recalled reading about Alexander the Great's aspiration to unite humanity under one polity of brotherhood in Eliade. When I checked the reference there, I found the specific place referred to by Eliade in The Politics, so I got the latter out of the library. This morning I discovered that in chapter 13 of Book 3, Aristotle reasons explicitly that a man who excels to a superlative degree in the virtue of statecraft must be reckoned a "god among men" and given supreme power above the law. While Eliade thought it clear that Aristotle was referring to his student Alexander the Great, it seems clear to me that Julius Caesar might well feel that Aristotle was referring to him. This seems perfect as the ferment that gets my after-dinner conversation going in the latter part of chapter 15-16.

The right thing came to me at the right time. This can be seen as a sign of divine help, or the working of one's higher power or daimon. According to the spiritual lecturer Caroline Myss, coincidences are a sign that one is on one's proper path, fulfilling one's "spiritual contract" undertaken before birth. You could as well say that my unconscious, remembering the reference in Eliade, brought it to my attention when I needed it, since his words were in my unconscious. But they were not conscious--that's the key point. So a higher wisdom is still at work--presumably the same source who scripts my dreams.

Either way, I had a feeling of appropriateness and excitement as I read and keyed that chapter of Aristotle; it felt like a confirmation that I am on the right track. Without my having fully planned it (impossible in any case), things are working out. I received a "just in time" delivery of needed material.

Afterward: Kimmie and I went out to my mother's place for a Mother's Day breakfast of French toast and bacon, bringing her a clematis we'd bought yesterday to start her renovation of the big garden out there. Kim, Mom, and I toured the grounds, marking shrubs for elimination by fixing masking-tape to them. We climbed down onto the rocky beach in the light rain to look up at the property. The bedrock of the steep slope is covered with thick, forbidding greenery, and dry slash is heaped in front of that, possibly dumped there by Mom's neighbor during his landscaping. Could bears be making their way through that thick growth to Mom's lawn? No--they're probably taking the easy route up the neighbor's stairs and cleanly landscaped yard, and just going through the hedge.


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